About Us

It’s not just miniature golf, it’s an adventure!

Medieval Fantasy Mini-Golf is unlike any other golf course on the Ocean City, N.J. Boardwalk.

The two big black light rooms are dark, mysterious and intriguing, open all day, every day, protected from the sunlight. The outdoor holes are protected, too – under a castle-wide canopy roof, so you can play in the shade and stay dry, even when it’s raining. The sides are open, though, so you can feel the cool breeze and gaze over the battlements to see the ocean and watch the people walking the boards below.

The black light rooms are dark, but they’re not scary – so even the littlest putters in your posse won’t be afraid of the dark. They’ll love the day-glow dare to make their best score – with sound, laser lights and more. Each hole designed is to challenge their skills. With multiple levels, hidden turns, and fun and funny props, wondering where that little ball will land is half the fun.

Wizards, knights and big and baby dragons watch your progress. Don’t wake up that sleepy one, who knows what might happen! And be careful with that cage, you most definitely don’t want to let that dragon out. Explore a looney library, a tipsy tavern, a kooky classroom and a dark dragons’ den, complete with a next of newly hatched dragonettes. When you get to the 19th hole, make a hole-in-one for free game and ring the bell to let the world know.

Around every turn is a new curiosity that will challenge your putting skills and tickle your funny bone, in one of Ocean City’s largest golf courses, all on the second floor for the best views of the sea and surf.

Medieval Fantasy Mini Golf is a great place for a group excursion.

Packages can be tailored to your needs, to include golf, food and beverage.

Medieval Fantasy Mini-Golf was voted “Best Mini Golf in Ocean City,” Ten years in a row.

All that, with a restroom on site, great music and sound, the friendliest staff in town and good food in the building, too. No wonder Medieval Fantasy was voted “Best Mini Golf in Ocean City,” nine years in a row.

Medieval Fantasy is an Ocean City landmark. The building used to look like a giant river paddle boat, built as a restaurant. It’s been the site of a miniature golf course for most of its life – but Medieval Fantasy is the biggest and best, with air-conditioned black light rooms and sheltered outdoor holes inside a giant castle, guarded by knights, wizards and dragons and other creatures.

Medieval Fantasy is the perfect place for a family night out or a daylight excursion. The black light rooms are dark all day and the course is open May to October. So, take a stroll to 13th Street. It’s worth the walk.